Welcome to the MONDO Dreams website.


Our passion for English Springer Spaniels began with our very first Springer "Mondo". She gave us true love and a wonderful insight into this versatile, beautiful breed. And so began our loving journey with the English Springer Spaniel.










It was in 2007 when we brought home our first English Springer Spaniel puppy, called "Mondo". At the time we were still living in Wales (United Kingdom). We fell instantly in love her. Not only with our puppy Mondo, but also with the breed itself. Not long after, we moved home from Wales to the Netherlands, where Mondo had her first litter of puppies.





Mondo was with us for 10 years. She gave us so much more than just a passion for the breed. She was, among other things a grandmother to all the puppies that were born with us over the years. Unfortunately since July 19, 2017, our Mondo, with the nickname “grandma”, is no longer with us. Mondo will always live on, forever in our hearts. The name "Mondo Dreams" is a tribute to her.