About us

We are Miranda and Adam Hortin. After having lived in Wales for 10 years, we moved to the Netherlands in 2008. Just before we left, we came across a small brown Cocker, called "Kenzo". Kenzo also came from the same kennels as our Mondo.

Kenzo grew into a fantastic Cocker and stole everyone's heart he met.


In 2013 the owner of those kennels in Wales called me. She told me with great enthusiasm, that she had 3 beautiful puppies for us. These turned out to be 3 sisters, "Gwenn", "Fionn" and "Lily".

A while later, and still in Wales, the same kennels owner asked me to come and see her, where upon she lovingly thrust a tiny red male Cocker pup into my arms. Smiling and with red cheeks, I told the owner that I didn't really like Cockers. But after a short time with him, i was sold, this handsome red boy called Brynn, totally changed my way of thinking. He was and still is, in one word - a "hunk" . A hunter with a royal character. Brynn has since proven to be a tremendous stud dog.

The foundation of our story is our eternal love for the Springer and Working Cocker Spaniel. What started with our puppy Mondo, grew into a true passion.

Since 2009 we have been active in the breeding of both. The combination of the English Springer Spaniel with the English Cocker Spaniel (working line), has now been rightly accepted as its own breed in the UK, a renowned combination, called Sprockers.