June 23, 2020


Mondo dreams in collaboration with Kynero Detection Dog Center have invited Cameron Ford from America to a 5 day seminar in September 2020 so that more knowledge can be gained about detection, handling of the dog and the impact of the handler on the dog. This will take place on September 21-23 and September 23-25 ‚Äč‚ÄčKynero Dog School and Mondo Dreams organize the Cameron Ford Detection Seminar. You can register via this link to the Kynero Detection Dog Center.

Detection using Cognition: This seminar covers what Cognition is and how to best use it in Detection Dog training. We also cover Classical and Operant Conditioning as well markers/bridges for Police K-9’s. We cover how information is taken in by your K9 as well as how to best deliver the information you wish to train. We go over how to introduce these methods and how to use them in problem solving. In this class you will conduct hands on experiments where participants get to feel for themselves how to communicate and give information. All of this will allow you to become better handler and trainer for your dogs

June 13th and 14th, 2020


A workshop was given in Tilburg prison for beginners and advanced students. This was so good that in the weekend of June 27 another workshop is planned in Tilburg prison. These course days are unfortunately already fully booked. You can always inquire without obligation about possible future dates for workshops.

November 28, 2019


MONDO Dreams and Kynero dog school have recently began a working partnership. MONDO Dreams breeds working dogs, working cockers and springer spaniels. We raise  puppies for a duration of 8 weeks, during which we can ensure that we correctly select puppies with the highest degree  of work drive. From here we work on an individual basis with each dog, to teach them at the earliest stage the process of how to  focus on what they need to find and thereby provide a  clear and definate indication to the handler.

November 16, 2019


Kynero dog school and Mondo Dreams are closed from December 16 for 4 days due to training days at police dogs center Holland.

So 16,17,18 and 19 December 2019, both Kynero dog school and MONDO Dreams are closed.

November 6, 2019


Donja on the focus, even if the line is pulled, she will not be distracted.

November 6, 2019


Kynero dog school is training "Basta" who comes from MONDO Dreams. Thanks to the excellent taining and the working drive of Basta, he has now built up a very nice focus.

November 5, 2019


MONDO Dreams is proud of Donja. Donja is trained by Kynero dog school, and trained as a detection dog. Donja is only 15 weeks old, but thanks to the focus program where MONDO dreams and Kynero dog school are working together and the work drift of Donja she is doing great!

November 2, 2019


MONDO Dreams is extremely proud of Martine Dietz from Ccoons Compass for working with, and training top dogs. Thanks to Martine Dietz's training, both "Bloom", "Fionn" and "Bisquit" have achieved level 1 Gak9 trailing. Congratulations on this beautiful and impressive result!

November 1, 2019


MONDO Dreams has recently started working with Kynero dog school to train detection dogs. We start by training on the so-called "focus". That means that we learn the dogs at a very early stage to correctly focus on what to look for and thus give a correct and good referral / report to the handler.