What is detection?

Maybe whilst at an airport or at a festival you might have seen a dog walking slowly past suitcases, people, using this method a dog can search for drugs or explosives.

In the professional world you sometimes have dealings with a dog searching for a specific source of odor, such as narcotics, explosives, tobacco or money.

Would you like to find out if there is a detection dog in your dog?
Detection searching is possible with all dogs of any ages. Suprise youself
about your dog's sense of smell.

How good a feeling is it, to find out that your dog can search.
Find out in a positive,relaxing and dog friendly way, the possibilities of your dogs nose. Your dog learns in a structured way how to search and indicate,and begins working with a scent. For example with vanilla, catnip, clove or cinnamon. If you want to work with a specific scent, just let us know.

Motivation, search, body language, odor recognition and indication are the most important focus points for detection. Detection is for mant reasons very
good for your dog. It is a mental challenge and requires the necassary mental energy from the dog. Detection training gives the dog more self-confidence. You also create a stronger bond with your dog.


Detection is working together with your dog. Do you want to begin detection work with your dog?. Then you are both more than welcome at one of our traing sessions. This can be done individually or as a small group. From beginners up to advanced, all are welcome.

In detection training we work only with positive feed reward, play reward and clicker reward. We have our own detection room, but we also have the use Karwei Hoogerheide and Pet's Place Hoogerheide. We can also use our own dogs for the search if necessary, as a teaching aid.

Dog of a student looking for the Kong

Because you have never finished learning, I also follow courses / training courses for the latest developments in the field of detection. For example, I recently (13/14/15 February 2020) attended a seminar of "Scandinavian Working Dog Institute" (SWDI method), mainly using a Kong. You will get a perfect picture of the method on the SWDI website. Mondo Dreams also uses the SWDI method in educating and training dogs. Do you have any questions about training according to the SWDI method? You can always contact Mondo Dreams without any obligation and inquire about this.

Certificates & competitions

We work on detection in accordance with the Mondo Dreams certificates system. You can work towards different certificates and also take an exam. The lessons can also be taken without an exam. There are five different levels with corresponding certificates that are becoming more challenging. Each exam consists of three different parts, for which separate partial certificates can also be obtained. Have you previously obtained a certificate elsewhere? Then you can do an interim test with us and you can enter a certain level.

At the beginning we work with the boxes for learning the fragrance. Later we will also expand this with detection walls, carousel, space searches, etc. In addition, Mondo Dreams organizes a detection competition for its own students several times a year. Below you will find a simple infographic with the most important points per certificate. This also gives you an idea of ​​the exercises that your dog will be doing soon!



Are you curious about the possibilities to do detection with your dog? You can always contact us without any obligation to inquire about the possibilities and / or to register for the training.