Foundation JAAN - 27 mei 2018

Our tracking dog Bailey has performed important operations in the past month and has been able to detect monkey skulls and snake skins that were smuggled from Bali to the Netherlands! Bailey also managed to find two living turtles in baggage that were brought from Ambon to Jakarta this week. It has been a good month and we are very proud of our Dutch lady Bailey! We are going to expand Baileys Team and now have ex-street dog Hailey in training! We need all the support to make this program bigger!


Read the story here on the JAAN Foundation website.


In the video of the Animal event of 2019, a small role is reserved for Boyd from MONDO Dreams.


Boyd also has a role to play in this video in which Farm Food points out the importance of enough drinking for the dog.


Mia from MONDO Dreams plays the leading role in this Farm Food advertisement.