Our international dogs

It was in 2014, when Wesley Visscher (Scent imprint for dogs) had a puppy in his course, which caught his attention. This puppy came from a litter that was born with us. Not much later, Wesley came to get the "Maddy" puppy from the same litter. As a result, MONDO Dreams has gained international fame. Many dogs followed ........


Maddy is now actively working as a customs dog in Aruba


Bailey works in Indonesia as a search dog to prevent illegal monkey trade.


Mia is actively working as an explosive detection dog.


Ronny is certified to work in the prison on Sint-Maarten for tracing money, mobile phones and drugs.


Mo traces drugs and weapons, Mo works at Nairobi airport in Kenya


Mitch is used for detection of illegal ivory trade in Mali.


Saartje is working as a drug detection dog in Aruba.


Griff is trained by Martine Dietz (GAK9 trainer) as a trailing dog according to the Gak9 method.


Giggle has level 2 trailing by Martine Dietz (GAK9 trainer) according to the GAK9 method.


Wildlife detection dog Sprokkel has been trained by Scent Imprint on detection of ivory, pangolin, reptiles, hippopotamus teeth, seahorses and 5 different types of monkeys. Sprokkel is going to work in Indonesia.