What is Nosebedience ©?

Nosebedience © is an innovative and diverse branch of dog sports. As you can deduce from the name, Nosebedience © uses two different components of dog sports, namely Nosework and Obedience.


As a dog lover, you are probably already familiar with both parts. The purpose of Nosework of detection is to allow dogs to find a specific odor using their nose. Detection is currently gaining popularity in the Netherlands. The obedience mainly focuses on the dog's obedience to its handler.


At Nosebedience © these things are combined with each other. This makes it a challenging sport, suitable for all dogs, from young to old, regardless of breed.


Within the Nosebedience © you can obtain three different certificates together with your dog. This way you always have a specific goal to work towards and you can also participate very well as a beginner. It is absolutely not necessary to have any experience or prior knowledge, the selected Nosebedience instructors can guide you and your dog from the start.


For more information about Nosebedience © you can always contact us without obligation. All information can also be found on the Nosebedience © Website.


The foundation of Nosebedience © consists of five core exercises that recur with each certificate. With each of these exercises you will see the combination of Obedience and Nosework recur.



Are you curious and are you thinking of doing Nosebedience © with your dog yourself? Then you can contact us without obligation and inquire about the possibilities and / or register for the training.